MAD Technology


“Though this be MAD Technology, yet there is method in't"

About Us

  MAD Technology is an emerging information technology company providing a wide-range, ever growing number of services to the general public. Our goal is to bring simplicity to the confusing world of computers. Our company provides low rate on-site or off-site services. This approach allows us to better service our customers and the flexibility to be on your schedule.   Our company was founded on the following principals: technical simplicity, communication, and excellent service. Technical simplicity refers to no complicated gimmicks or sales; we pride ourselves in our method to simplify complicated technical systems and difficulties. Alongside great technical service, we deliver great communication. Communication drives our support services, it is our responsibility to respond and follow up with all jobs, no matter the degree, in a timely manner. Saving the best for last, we are eager to bring excellent customer service. Focusing on our customers helps us better serve others and improve our services with your feedback. At MAD Technology, we make it all about you.  

Our Statement:

  We are here to simplify and protect you from the mad world of technology. Here at MAD Technology we believe that we can offer you quality IT consultations without the overpriced tag. We’re not only here to save you time from your technical problems but we also want to save your money from expensive technical services. Our method at MAD is protecting our customers!