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IT Consulting


Our company focus is customer satisfaction. We not only solve your immediate technical issues; we prevent other ones from occurring. Our IT consultations takes computer resolving a step further by suggesting to our customers ways the can prevent future problems from happening through our services. We currently provide three main categories of services; personal, home business, and business. Each of these services varies according to your need. Our company is here to save you time and money. Money Money Money


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Remote Assistance

US $40/hr

Personal Assistance

US $45/hr

Home Business

US $65/hr

Small Business

US $95/hr

Computer/Network DiagnosticFreeFree
Computer TrainingAvailable Upon RequestAvailable Upon Request
Web Language TrainingAvailable Upon RequestAvailable Upon Request
PC/Laptop Configuration
Laptop/PC Repair
Installation/Maintenance of Software/Hardware
PC/Laptop Tune up & Operating System Tweaks
Equipment Cleaning
Data Transfer
Removable Device Recovery
Hard Drive Recovery
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